Saturday, November 21, 2009

To Connect


Hopefully with this blog I can connect with you guys on what we all like and probably should have in common which is music, movies, comic and books. . . maybe. So I might share with you guys on the next couple of blogs about what this should be about.

I want this blog to be about experiences we've had involving the four subjects I've just mention above.
  • Music that either help us in our time of sadness, wanting to see that band in concert live, or just find new sound to listen too.
  • Movies that touch our hearts and our souls, makes us laugh and cry or because it was just so damn unbelievable.
  • Comics for their impeccable art work and attention to detail and story lines.
  • Finally books that can be an escape from reality. It's actually where you can be anyone or anything you want to be.
I know I know . . . . there is lack of photos here on this blog. That's because I am at the library and they've disabled some of the programs involving cut & paste and uploading images on to this page. So I literally have to go else where to get all that done.
Like I said my computer is fucked up :)
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