Thursday, August 11, 2011

First taste of musical genuis score "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo"

@ninhotline - the full 7:05min mp3 is here:  ~ via @_MG_ (Twitter)


First taste of the score for Dragon Tattoo?  ~ via @Sheepdean (Twitter)



100 Monkeys EXCLUSIVE: Check Out Jackson Rathbone As A Puppet In Music Video Teaser!

100 Monkeys EXCLUSIVE: Check Out Jackson Rathbone As A Puppet In Music Video Teaser!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Echoes the Fall an awesome rock band hailing all the way from Phoenix, AZ and has undoubtedly left there mark not only in their great home state but also in the music community as a whole.

I first caught wind of the song "This is not Goodbye" from there self-titled EP that was released in July 2011. There are also three more track on the EP (a total of 4) songs "Because of You", "Start Over Again" and "Burn It Down". I must say as I'm listening to this EP they have the same drive and force from such bands as P.O.D., Linkin Park, SevenDust and Chevelle. And I love those bands so you already know that I am liking this band right of the bat from their first song off the EP.

Echoes The Fall released a full-lenght album 2009 "Bloodline" with the former frontman for the band David Mackey who recently left the band in June 2011. Mackey has been with Echoes The Fall for 15 years, but don't worry the decision was made on good terms all around. With that said having acquired Jeromy Moorehead (former member of "One Minute Halo") things are already off to a good start.

Echoes The Fall are Jeromy Moorehead (Vocals) Mike Gable (Guitar) Trevor Keeling (Bass) Myles Byrum (Guitar) Mitch Gable (Drums) you can now catch them on tour w/ 10 Years across the U.S. from July to August {ETF}. Here are other site to check them out at and listen to their music, trust me you will not be disappointed!!!


~Ava B.
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Just Visiting - Glass Of Whine [Official Music Video]

Just Visiting's Single "Glass Of Whine" is a raw sound of the 90's. You can clearly hear the lead singer Johnny P. Cervini who is also on Lead Guitar draw out all of his emotions to share it with all that not only understands what its like to not be able to give your heart to someone but also that it just wasn't meant to be.

But of there more up- tempo sound comes the single "Life in a Shoebox" as well as latest Spanish Single "Para Ti". If your looking for a fresh and Diverse band with a heavy grunge and blues sound and that can switch it up with there Spanish roots. Then Just Visiting is a band you definitely need to listen too.

There are links below. Have a go at it and check them out!

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