Saturday, November 28, 2009

New Bands 2 Watch 4


Just an update. Hope fully by Jan of 2010 I would like to start interviewing new artist on this page and start spreading the word about these new artist. I think there is a lot of untapped musical talent around this great big planet of ours and I would like to be one of the first to be the messenger. . .lol.

To let you guys know why check out these amazing bands that request on my myspace page:

  • Anek: Italy
  • 84mm: Untied Kingdom
  • ELements: Finland
  • Perplexity of Things: Canada
  • Goodbye Elliot: USA
  • The Jon Eddy Band: Canada
  • Freakzoom: Brazil
  • Diminished 7: USA
Hope you check them out @
Laters & enjoy,
Invaders Asylum

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