Saturday, June 30, 2012

Band Mention: Dreaming Light

Dreaming Light

Campobasso, CB, Italy

Label: Play Top Records

Current Sound: Pop / Rock / Alternative 

By: Ava-Mimose

Dreaming Light is a modern rock goth band from Italy. They formed in 2011 and released their very first EP in April of this year. On the 10th of April the single from the bands EP "Blood in the Mirror" was released. The single has been well received by their fans and are also excited to know that the band is currently geting ready this time around to release their full-length album in 2013.

Leandro -Voice/composer & Lyrics
Armando - Lead Guitar/composer
Nic Lord Violent - Bass
Peter - Drums

Dreaming Light is a mixture of well know bands such as HIM, The Rasums, Negative, Entwine, Amorphis and Paradise Lost. You can clearly hear these influences within the bands repertoire.
The current EP is only 5 tracks but is worth a listen. Below is the track list of the current EP that was released in April 2012.
Track List

1. Fragile Sun
2. Blood In A Mirror
3. December
4. Deep Inside
5. Your Embrace

Following links to visit them at:

DL - Facebook

DL - Twitter

DL - Blog

DL - Reverbnation

Friday, June 22, 2012

Countess By My Side - We Need Full-Length Album, NOW!

Countess By My Side

Perth, Western Australia

Label: Unsigned

Current Sound: Melodic Progressive Death Metal

By Ava-Mimose

If you like Children Of Bodom, Between The Buried And Me & Cannibal Corpse . . . then you’ll love Countess By My Side.

Countess By My Side was made official in 2011 by five high school students that all shared an interest in music. Working hard to showcase and perfect their song writing skills as well as trying out new playing techniques in order to sound as original as they possibly can, earlier this year, CBMS recorded their debut EP "Esoteric" which was released in March 2012. This 4 track EP does not disappoint! And it only leaves you wondering what they’re going to have in store for us with a possible upcoming full-length album.

George Hadnett - Vocals/(Rhythm guitar live)
Stephen Barrett - Guitar
Matt Unkovich - Drums
Michael Fitzpatrick - Keys
Joshua Cusack - Bass

I must say I am amazed by the sound of this band. When you check them out on their Facebook page you would not think it would be them delivering such a powerful sound and the thundering vocals from George Hadnett. It would be absolutely amazing to see Countes By My Side share the bill with the like of Born Of Osiris, Children Of Bodom, Between The Buried And Me, Oceano & Cannibal Corpse. And with the awesome response and attention they’ve been getting from their fans current and new since the release of "Esoteric”, I can say that they will soon have their chance to tour the entire globe for the following months and years to come and bring to us, the best death metal they have to offer.

Countess By My Side - 'Esoteric' Studio Footage 2012
Highlights of their 3 days spent in studio recording their debut E.P entitled
Released March 2012
Eng/Mix/Mst by Aidan Barton at Sovereign Studios

You can also follow them on Twitter!

CBMS - Twitter

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Review: The FountNHead

The FountNHead

Atlanta, Georgia to Los Angeles, CA

Label: Recording in Los Angeles

Current Sound: Rock / Punk/ Hip-Hop

By: Ava-Mimose

"Higher than Heaven, Still Blacker than Hell" (EP)

I often thought that if I was really that motivated to start a band or join one it would sound exactly like The FountNHead. They are everything I would want my band to be if I was actually in one. They simply ooze the familiar sound of awesome bands like Linkin Park, Plain White T's, P.O.D., Limp Bizkit & Rage Against the Machine. And not to mention a very strong stage presence from the lead-female rap vocals, Jewels. From her I get a Fefe Dobson vibe.

A.M. l Lead Vocals, Keyboard

 Nixon l Drums

Jewels l Rapper

Sainto l Vocals, Guitar

The FountNHead is a 5-peice band coming all the way from Atlanta. As you know Atlanta doesn't really have a huge rock scene going on. It’s heavily dominated by Hip-Hop, Rap, R&B & most commercial pop music out today. The FountNHead sound is mix of Rock, Punk & Hip-Hop. But it's an awesome sound. It’s not like one genre is more pronounced than the other. No, it actually is even in sound quality of the two genres. Just listen to their EP "Higher than Heaven, Still Blacker than Hell" out now. A 4 track EP starting it off with their most popular single "As A Skunk." This song is the most up tempo out of all 4 tracks on the EP. It is then followed by songs like "Bang Bang Bang", Trippin" and "Free and Flowing." as you listen to it you notice the tempo of each song slows down but not as dramatic as you would think.

The FountNHead - As A Skunk (Music Video)

So far The FountNHead has received so much press and have gotten a lot of positive reviews as well as a growing fan base. The FountNHead have been through it all musically and mentally. They refuse to follow the status quo in music. They will continue to be aware of their humble yet tumultuous journey of their own individual selves and as a band a unit a family.

The FountNHead have an upcoming show
Skinny's Lounge 4923 Lankershim Blvd. North Hollywood, CA 91601 www.skinnysloun​ Doors open 7 p.m. // Show starts 7:30 p.m. 21+ $5 cover
The FountNHead goes on stage @ 11:30pm!

You can Like & Follow them as well:

The FountNHead - Facebook

The FountNHead - Twitter


Sunday, June 17, 2012

Those Like Us - Amazing potential to blow you away!!!!

Those Like Us

Cypress, Texas

Label: Unsigned

Current Sound: Post-Hardcore

By: Ava-Mimose

It's obvious that the band Those Like Us have an amazing potential to blow us away with their music. I was a bit surprised myself when I heard their first song on Facebook called "Never So Clear".

Collin Marshall- Drums, Ryan Peterson- Bass,  Kyle Tomchesson- Vocals/Guitar, Tyler Williams- Screams,  Ryan Peterson- Bass, Chris Burgess- Lead Guitar
Surprised, you say! Well, yeah. I don't really listen to this style of music. And if you followed me on Twitter and Facebook you all would know that. I'm more of a Heavy Metal/Goth/Thrash/Industrial listener. This band clearly has none of these sounds! And I can't even compare them to other Post-Hardcore or Screamo bands because I don't listen to it. But I still listened to their next track featuring Brandon Sundbeck entitled "Friends with Damages". I liked the song but still it’s not my kind of music. So I listened to the next track "We'll Sleep On It". Before that track ever came up, I was really to throw in the towel and call it a day and not bother with this band. But when the last track (We'll Sleep on It) came on, I was hooked.

I know, shocked, right??? Well they totally hooked me in with that last song. There was a sense of familiarity with that song. I've heard this before from other bands but Those Like Us took a different approach to it. Instead of them following other bands and try to sound like them, they instead made the sound and the lyrics theirs. So what if it’s only three songs on their Facebook page. That's usually all I need to make the decision if I'm going to listen to any band again.

So my verdict on Those Like Us and their music. I LIKE IT!!!!

And if you really like their music as well please support them in accomplishing their first Full-Length album "Broken Stories"
Those Like Us's Campaign to finish their upcoming album "Broken Stories

I personally can't wait for new music from them. They seem to be very prepared and are hard at work creating awesome music and lyrical content for a possible full-length album. That would be awesome!

Give them a shout on Twitter:

Those Like Is - Twitter

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Ville Valo signing Limited Edition Prints!!!!

New pic of Ville taken yesterday (June 13th) in Finland by Mige, signing Limited Edition Paul Harries prints.
(Large, HQ photo)
To order yours go here

A big thanks to TEAM HEARTAGRAM for posting the latest news yesterday June 14th 2012. If you would like to be kept up to date about new of HIM, just click on the highlighted link above. -Ava (Invaders Asylum) 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sweet Suicide - A Soundworthy Mention!

Sweet Suicide
Baltimore, MD
Label: Independent
Current Sound: Rock / Metal

By: Ava-Mimose

December – Band/Track Review

Sweet Suicide is a heavy melodic 5 piece band made up of members formally of Dying Design (Cindy Parr & Greg Lane) and Heschent (Moses Wells & Jesse Jenkins).

Their new single "December" Is now available for download on their website. This is their first original song written by the members of the band. They are starting find their sound and as you can listen from their current track "December" they're well on their way of becoming a band to keep your eye on.

Being that Sweet Suicide is a Female-fronted band also adds that extra unique quality to the ensemble. "December" clearly has dark tone with a heavy rock/metal sound to back it up. And then you add to it the vocals of Cindy Parr now you have an original Baltimore, Maryland sound. If you love bands like Evanescence, Shinedown, A Perfect Circle, Paradise Lost, Stone Sour & Halestorm then you'll definitely like this band a lot!

Sweet Suicide are currently writing new material and hope to be releasing an EP sometime later this year. But in the meantime you can keep up to date with their Facebook page they are constantly playing live show for Baltimore's Metal Scene.

                                                            Next Live Show

Enjoy this Offspring's Gone Away-- Acoustic Version Sung by Cindy Parr w/ Michael Mourn

Links below . . .

Sweet Suicide - Twitter

Sweet Suicide - Facebook

Sweet Suicide - Myspace

Sweet Suicide - Website

Sweet Suicide - Reverbnation

For live videos of the band - YouTube

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Review: A Drowning Angel's Debut EP Fake And Plastic'

A Drowning Angel

Guaynabo, Puerto Rico

Label: Unsigned

Current: Post Industrial, Experimental, Electronica

By: Ava-Mimose

Fake And Plastic – Album Review

On June 10th, the underground Industrial - Dark Wave band A Drowning Angel released their first EP Fake And Plastic.

Its starts off with the very first track being appropriately titled "Fake And Plastic" basically setting the tone for the 5-track EP. It gives you an idea of what your about to encounter with ADA (A Drowning Angel).

Track 2 Vampire - (in my opinion) sets its self up in an underground rave. Which I think is awesome. Its perfect! And you automatically feel like your either just entering or have been inside this dark, hot and loud space where everyone is just so cramped up close and not giving a fuck because all you wanna do is just dance to the hypnotizing sound coming from ADA.

Track 3 Undead Raver - Is like the ultimate brake down. Like this is when your really feeling yourself. Just feeling the environment your in, everything and everyone around you. Its like there isn't a care in the world.


Track 4 Alice in Oblivion - The tile alone will have you think what your already thinking. And that's if you and I are thinking alike. I so feel like Alice in Wonderland with this but on . . . yeah I think you know what I mean. And this track is by far one of my favorites on this EP.

Track 5 Lost In Silent Hill - The last track. The most amazing I think. The beginning of the song does have elements from the very popular video game Silent Hill. But what i really like about this song its a total "Energy Come Down" it is kinda what you want went at any underground rave. You need that ONE song to bring that high intense partying that's been going on through out the night to finally come to an end. And if not an end you want it to slow the fuck down so you rest - than lets start the party ONE. MORE. TIME.


Before the release of Fake And Plastic a single from the highly anticipated EP "Undead Raver" was released on February 19th of this year. The single features Undead Raver along with a B side from Undead Raver and a raw demo for the track Alice in Oblivion.

You can listen to them on these site:
ADA - Bandcamp
ADA - YouTube
ADA - Soundcloud

They are also on Facebook
ADA - Facebook