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Review: Anathema "We're here because we're here" North American Debut

Liverpool, England
Label: The End Records (USA)
Current: Alternative Metal, Progressive Rock,
Alternative Rock, New Prog Rock.
Earlier: Death/Doom Metal, Gothic Metal
By: Ava-Mimorose

Anathema Anathema Anathema....... where shall I began?

This band was brought to my attention by an interview I watched on YouTube of HIM frontman Ville Valo. It was an interview for HIM's February 2010 release of Screamworks: Love in theory and practice, Chapters 1-13. Valo mention bands that loved listening to like My Dying Bride, Cathedral, Paradise Lost and Anathema. So of course, if you know me well then you'd probably figured out that I was already googling and Youtubing these bands.

Note: love My Dying Bride, Cathedral and Paradise Lost......

But It was Anathema that won my heart and a place in my Top Favorite Bands of all time (for me of course).

It was last year in May around the same time they released their latest album "We're here because we're here" that I heard a song called "Lost Control" from their 1998 album Alternative 4. Thanks the gods for YouTube!
                                       "Lost Control" (Alternative 4) - Anathema

That's when I decided to see if they had any social networking site such as a Facebook, Myspace or Reverbnation. I found them on Facebook and "Liked" the page. First song of the rotation for me was "Thin Air" off the May 2010 "We're here because we're here" album. This song blew me away the vocals the lyrics the musical arrangements was like, YES!!!! This is the sound I've been waiting for from a band!
                                 "Thin Air" (We're here because we're here) - Anathema

Next was "Dreaming Light" Its the third track off the album. I didn't know there was a video till I checked out there website After hearing this I immediately tried to purchase it but soon found out that it was not yet available here in the US. They then later signed with The End Records for North American distribution and soon the US/Canada release was set for June 6 2011.
                          "Dreaming Light" (We're here because we're here) - Anathema
                     which can also be viewed on the bands website

Sometimes I find it hard to explain and to compare what a certain band sound like and in this case (for me) its not easy. Anathema is a unique band in my book. They are not like other bands. If you've listened to their past heavier albums/EP's i.e. the crestfallen ep, serenades, pentacost iii,  the silent enigma and eternity  you'll notice the gradual change from Doom metal to a more Progressive rock style with a bit of an ambient feel. But as (I) listen to this present album along with the past releases I notice that they have only gotten better with time. Anathema has truly evolved into something magnificent.

For the latest news, tour info and album releases from Anathema please checkout their website:

and other Social Networking sites:

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Invaders Asylum UPDATE!!!!

Stay tuned for more reviews on bands:

Album: We're Here Because We're Here

Album: Northern Religion of Things

In Solitude
Album: World. The Flesh. The Devil

Light Asylum



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Echoes the Fall an awesome rock band hailing all the way from Phoenix, AZ and has undoubtedly left there mark not only in their great home state but also in the music community as a whole.

I first caught wind of the song "This is not Goodbye" from there self-titled EP that was released in July 2011. There are also three more track on the EP (a total of 4) songs "Because of You", "Start Over Again" and "Burn It Down". I must say as I'm listening to this EP they have the same drive and force from such bands as P.O.D., Linkin Park, SevenDust and Chevelle. And I love those bands so you already know that I am liking this band right of the bat from their first song off the EP.

Echoes The Fall released a full-lenght album 2009 "Bloodline" with the former frontman for the band David Mackey who recently left the band in June 2011. Mackey has been with Echoes The Fall for 15 years, but don't worry the decision was made on good terms all around. With that said having acquired Jeromy Moorehead (former member of "One Minute Halo") things are already off to a good start.

Echoes The Fall are Jeromy Moorehead (Vocals) Mike Gable (Guitar) Trevor Keeling (Bass) Myles Byrum (Guitar) Mitch Gable (Drums) you can now catch them on tour w/ 10 Years across the U.S. from July to August {ETF}. Here are other site to check them out at and listen to their music, trust me you will not be disappointed!!!


~Ava B.
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Echoes The Fall: Links below

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Just Visiting - Glass Of Whine [Official Music Video]

Just Visiting's Single "Glass Of Whine" is a raw sound of the 90's. You can clearly hear the lead singer Johnny P. Cervini who is also on Lead Guitar draw out all of his emotions to share it with all that not only understands what its like to not be able to give your heart to someone but also that it just wasn't meant to be.

But of there more up- tempo sound comes the single "Life in a Shoebox" as well as latest Spanish Single "Para Ti". If your looking for a fresh and Diverse band with a heavy grunge and blues sound and that can switch it up with there Spanish roots. Then Just Visiting is a band you definitely need to listen too.

There are links below. Have a go at it and check them out!

                                             Singer/Songwriter Johnny P. Cervini

Reverbnation                                                  Facebook                                         Youtube

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Velvet Six & Ville Valo | Ilves Bar | Helsinki


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Classic Rock Review: Led Zeppelin I - Led Zeppelin

By Quake

Led Zeppelin I Led Zeppelin is still considered to this day the blueprint for metal music. With songs like “Heartbreaker”, “Communication Breakdown”, and “Whole Lotta Love” Most of their outlandish costumes and radical stage performances gave birth to a new genre of rock music. Heavily influenced by African American Jazz musicians, Jimmy found Robert Plant to be a perfect fit for the group, although Jimmy Page first asked Terry Reid to lead the band after leaving his former group the Yardbirds. They first toured under the name “The New Yardbirds” during their first Scandinavian tour. Please allow me to review one of the most legendary albums in Rock’s history!

Led Zeppelin: Was the first Self titled album that spawned from this group. Released on January 12, 1969, the album was a blend of blues, folk, Middle Eastern influences, with distorted amplification making this easily one of the blueprints for heavy metal bands you hear today. Completely flawless from start to finish it is simply a sin to skip a song on this album.

Track 1: “Good times Bad Times”: Was the first song on this classic album. The first thing you notice about this song is John Bonham (1948-1980 R.I.P) and his incredible drumming pattern. This is exactly why he is recognized as one of the top ten drummers on anyone’s book. If you don’t have him on your list, it’s simply not a list. Zeppelin being one of the original bands who never strayed away from their set four immediately disbanded after the tragic death of John. The only regret I have of this song is that it’s not longer.
Drumming: 5/5
Lead Guitar Solo: 5/5
Overall: 5/5

Track 2: “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You”: INSTANT CLASSIC, It was originally written by: Anne Bredon, but taken to the next level by Plant. No words for this song right here. It is one of those songs to get you through an addiction, or an addictive relationship. During the climax of the instrumental, you can actually feel the conflict of walking away from a habit you are use to. “I can hear it calling me the way it use to do, I can hear it calling me back home!” Lyrics like this are what is missing from today’s music. It has a dual meaning, you can refer to this as a past habit, or addiction, or an addictive break-up. Songs like this can garner the masses instead of a commercial lyric which is suppose to only be taken one direct way.
Originality: 3/5
Singing: 5/5
Overall: 5/5

Track 3: “You Shook Me”: On this song you can clearly hear the influence of Blues. Robert Plant is heavily influenced by African American Jazz/Blues musicians. Who were the soul reason of Rock music you hear today. The song was originally written by Blues musicians Willie Dixon and J.B. Lenior. Zeppelin also came into conflict with the recording when they heard that another singer used the famous written song on his album released months after Led Zeppelin dropped their debut album also on 1968. His name is Jeff Beck and his album was titled “Truth”.
Originality: 2/5
Singing: 5/5
Overall: 4/5

Track 4: “Dazed and Confused”: My personal favorite from the album. Originally the song is by Jake Holmes, covered by the “Yardbirds” Jimmy Page’s first band, and then taken to the next element by Led Zeppelin. The guitar solo was on another universe. Jimmy also experimented with using a violin bow during the recording and live shows which added to the marvel of the band. Jimmy changed the lyrics and melody to bypass a copyright infringement suit against it.
Originality: 3/5
Lead Guitar: 5/5
Overall: 5/5

Track5: “Your Time Is Gonna Come”: According to Slash another famous guitarist, this is his favorite song off the album. The song is about deceitful woman who is going to face Karma for her actions. Jimmy Page used a Fender 10-string steel guitar during recording this song. Bassist John Paul Jones played the Organ, using a pedal to create the bass of the song.
Originality: 5/5
Singing: 5/5
Overall: 5/5

Track6: “Black Mountain Side”: Inspired by an Irish folk song “Down by Blackwaterside”. The arrangement of the song was learned by Al Stewart, and who, in turn, taught it to Jimmy Page who was a session musician for Stewarts debut album.
Originality: 4.5/5
Overall: 4/5

Track7: “Communication Breakdown”: A blueprint for all metal heads. This is where the sound of the genre was born. Page used a Fender Telecaster guitar for the tracks amazing riff’s. Also “Communication Breakdown” was one of the few beats where page was backing vocal during recording session.
Originality: 5/5
Singing: 5/5
Overall: 5/5

Track8: “I Can’t Quit You Baby”: Another beautiful blues standard song written by Willie Dixon. Reaching number 6 on the R&B charts in 1956. Led Zeppelin did a cover of this song on their debut album in 1968.

Singing: 5/5
Overall: 4.5/5

Track9: “How Many More Times”: Last but surely not least. The longest song on the album but I only seem to enjoy this song in their live sessions.
Singing : 5/5
Overall : 5/5

© Quake for  Invaders Asylum™  2009-2011

Led Zeppelin I
Released Jan 12, 1969

You can listen to clips of this album @

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Ville Valo interview for MTV Finland part 1 & 2

A Thanks to M0D00M on Youtube for uplading these Interviews. These are Interviews done before the release of the Screamworks Album.

Note: Interviews are in Finnish. Anyone who can translate for our viewers are more than wlecome to.

Part 1

Part 2

To watch more great Video uploads of HIM Interviews, Concerts and/or slideshows check out

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Promised Land of Heavy Metal @ LA Film Festival

Hey guys Just thought I'd post this info for those that it interest :-)

First Off:

The 1st Annual Heavy Metal Film at Los Angeles Film Festival

From March 31st to April 3rd 2011

In Downtown LA

Website for more info:

"Promised Land of Heavy Metal" Documentary:

Shown @ 7:30pm 1st of April 2011.

Those being interviewed about the History of Finnish Metal are:

Madam President of Finland, Tarja Halonen.Entombed SWEDEN, Dimmu Borgir NORWAY, Killswitch Engage USA, Carcass UK...HIM, Lordi, Sonata Arctica, Nightwish...)The film includes.

The documentary is entirely in English. It's co-produced by Finnish TV YLE.

The film has had great reviews and is well received and known all around the world.

The documentary was the first feature film available as an App for iPhones from the Apple Store (as noted by The Wall Street Journal USA).

Film App Link (USA):

Multilingual European DVD distribution by Cyclone Empire, Germany.

The USA representation by MDI Distribution.

If you want to purchase the DVD "Promised Land Of Heavy Metal"


                           Directors: Kimmo Kuusniemi &Tanja Katinka Karttunen (Finland 2010)
                       Photo credit goes to (Heavy Metal Film Fest website)
Dates of Films to be shown are as follows:

Thursday March 31st
7:30 pm Marimbas Del Infierno

Friday April 1st
5:30 pm Meshuggah; ALIVE
7:30 pm Promised Land Of Heavy Metal
9:30 pm The Bunny Game Q & A
midnight Immortal LIVE

Saturday April 2nd
3:00 pm Three Days
5:00 pm Absent
7:30 pm Exodus: Asorted Atrocities
9:30 pm The Story Of Anvil Q & A
midnight Until The Light Takes Us

Sunday April 3rd
2:30pm Blood, Sweat, and Vinyl: DIY in the 21st Century
4:30pm Shorts
6:30pm Heavy Metal Thunder: Saxon
9:00 - 11:30pmTravelers At The Edge Of Time: Blind Guardian
(double feature)Something About Metal
midnight HATED

Monday, March 28, 2011

HIM & Sire/Warner Music part ways after 6 years!

Here is the link for more details for the separation of Finnish rock band HIM and Sire/Warner Music.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

“There is an Odd Future Ahead of us”

By Quake

Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All (OFWGKTA)
A new eccentric group hailing out of Los Angeles, California is turning heads and offending religious groups. These teenage skaters are making a name and paving a new path in the realm of hip hop/rap music. OFWGKTA consist of Tyler, the creator, Hodgy beats, Earl Sweatshirt, Domo Genesis, Mike G, singer Frank Ocean, and producers Left Brain, The Super 3, and Syd. The 17 to 23 years of age group is defiantly against their music being labeled and shelved as a specific genre. Most of the zine's and internet blog sites are labeling them as Horror core hip hop. But the group stated “People want to put us in a box, but every horror-core rap group I’ve looked up sucks”. Obviously this group is not the one to label. But their vivid lyrics paint a picture of sadistic horror, rape, slaughter, psychotic, satanic references, illicit drug use, pretty much anything to offend the offended. Their music is defiantly not for the church goers as Tyler's lyrics states "Slowly my Ritalin is kickin' in and Jesus left hand begin to make me feel like a little kid again", Referring to Jesus as a sexual predator which is on the "Radical" mixtape song "Splatter". The Group has released four mixtapes and eight solo albums. Also, the group has recently completed a two-stop tour. The concert at the Drop-in London sold out within 48 hours of announcement, pretty impressive for an independent group. Watch out record labels, you may be looking at a future of artist controlling their own empire. Their concerts are usually in the volume of hardcore rock where you can find the usual mosh-pits, pushing, kicking, middle fingers, I don’t give a @#$% attitude. February 16, 2011, two of OFWGKTA’s members, Tyler and Hodgy Beats, performed “Sandwitches” on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon with The Roots making that their first television appearance.

Tyler, the creator (born March 6 1991):
Is obviously the leader of this group and the most attention is coming from him and his raspy deep dark voice. He has rapped on, and produced for, nearly every OFWGKTA release. His lyrical content is rather blatant and sadistic. He has already released an album called "Bastard" which is available on their website for download . The album is a story of a lost fatherless child who is visiting a therapist because of his disturbing atheistic beliefs. He is dropping a new album this April called "Goblin". The music video to his first single called "Yonkers" is the first video you will see upon entering the group’s site. This music video has received the most controversial opinions. Kanye West recently tweeted that it is the best music video of this year. It caused so much attention that MTV decided to do an interview on them touring. This group is defiantly a member of The Asylum. And anyone with an eccentric taste should defiantly listen to them!

Left Brain and Hodgy Beats (MellowHype)
MellowHype is a duo that is in the group of OFWGKTA. They have released two albums, YelloWhite and BlackendWhite, both albums are available on their website for download. Hodgy beats have released two single albums called "The Dena Tape", and "Ignorant" also on their website for download.

Earl Sweatshirt
Has an album out released last year self titled "Earl" which is available for download on their site. The song “Earl” which is on the album is one to look out for, very odd beat with eccentric lyrics to match. They also mention their dislike of Steve Harvey the” Comedian” turned “Relationship Guru” for his blatant disrespect for atheist, knowing that he himself has mentioned on his book “Think like a lady act like a man” a 90 day policy before having sex out of wedlock which the bible clearly states as fornication. EarlWolf is the rap duo which consists of Earl and his cousin Tyler.

Domo Genesis
Domo is known for his constant pot smoking lyrics, and use. He currently has an album called “Rolling Papers” Which was 90 percent produced by Tyler, the creator, he also uses his alter ego named Wolf Hailey on this record. It is one of the must listen albums from the group, especially for your average stoner. Side note L(LEGALIZE THE BUD ALREADY!)…

Mike G
Mike G has a debut solo album called “Ali” which was produced by Tyler, the creator, Syd, and Left Brain. It is also released as a free digital download on their site as well. He is currently working on an upcoming album called “Gold” which is one to look out for on this group’s future releases.

The Jet Age of Tomorrow
Take a journey with The Jet and relax with his two albums titled “Voyager” and “Journey To The 5th Echelon” . Voyager’s soothing instrumentals will leave you in a space voyage just listening to it, very well sequenced. I love the content of that album as well as the album’s cover artwork. “Journey To the 5th Echelon has been a new release of his also delivering out of this world instrumentals. The two albums are a must listen to those who wish to relax without the voice of any artist just instrumentals. His albums are also available on the site, check them out A.S.A.P.

The members who grease the wheels of this movement are Tyler, the creator, which produces most of the content. Syd, the female member of Odd Future is a lesbian who Tyler mentions on the song “Yonkers”. “Syd is tellin’ me that she’s been getting’ intimate with men”, “(Syd shut the fuck up) here is the number to my therapist”, Tell him all your problems he’s fuckin’ awesome with listenin’”The meaning of the lyric was to express a paradox seeing as that lesbians are not intimate with males. Other producers are: Matt Martians of the Super 3, and Left Brain.     © Quake for  Invaders Asylum™  2009-2011.

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Finally after four years of silence from MCR they release this record that just screams rebellion, anarchy and end of days in a slightly mature rebel without a cause sort of way. What a way to come back with an apocalyptic, in your face, I don’t give a f*** attitude album. It was also said that this album was a troubled one to make. But we should all be glad that they decided to continue on and create this awesome album. Danger Days. . . Is one of the best albums that came out towards the end of 2010 into 2011. it’s a great record to start the year of with.
I give this a: 9

Saturday, January 22, 2011


If you are a fan of Symphonic rock, then you’ll like Apocalyptica’s 7th Symphony. The musicians from Apocalyptica are one of a kind. They a classically trained Finnish band. Having started as a Metallica Tribute band then evolving into a band of their own right and working with such artist as Lauri Halonan from The Rasums and Ville Valo from HIM to create the song “Bittersweet”. In this album “7th Symphony” They feature guest appearances from Lacey of “Flyleaf” to Brent Smith of “Shinedown”
I give this an: 8 1/2

Thursday, January 20, 2011


I guess you can say the are now former nu-metal genre band. Since they have accomplished what they wanted to do in terms of a new sound for the band. The main band’s songwriter Mike Shinoda totally did a 360 with this new record because it doesn’t sound like their previous albums (Minutes to Midnight, Meteora and Hybrid Theory).
I am glad that this album came out sounding different from the last couple of albums they’ve put out. It shows that they are ready to try something new and not be defined and confined to a particular sound.
I give it :10 (Based on a scale from 1-10, 1 being the lowest 10 being the highest)

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Daniel Lioneye to open for Cradle Of Filth Concert on Feb 8th 2011 at CLUB NOKIA

As you may have or may not of known, that CRADLE OF FILTH is on tour and soon they will be heading to Los Angeles on the 8th of February at Club Nokia. I have made it my mission to attend this event for a couple of reasons but one of them being that Finnish Musician Daniel Lioneye will open for the Main acted.

For those that don't know who DANIEL LIONEYE is well let me tell you. He is AKA LINDE from HIM (a Finnish, Love Metal band) HIM is a very successful band. They have a large fan base in Europe and Scandinavia but for some reason a huge fan base in the US. Which I think is a shame. They are really good. But I think is due illegal downloads of their music which may be why they are not as successful here in the States. Any way DANIEL LIONEYE aka LINDE is a side project that started back in 2000-2001 when HIM had some down time.

The First Album to come from that project was "King of Rock N Roll" With LINDE aka (DANIEL LIONEYE) as the vocals and guitar, Mikko Heinrik Julius ‘MigĂ© Amour' Paananen on bass, Ville Hermanni ‘Rakohammas' Valo on drums, Kai ‘Hiili' Hiilesmaa on keyboards.

After a nine years of inactivity LINDE aka DANIEL LIONEYE returned to the Studio this time with H.I.M. keyboardist Janne "Burton" Puurtinen and Enochian Crescent drummer Black Vomit Bolton for what came to be an industrialized black metal experiment album.