Sunday, June 17, 2012

Those Like Us - Amazing potential to blow you away!!!!

Those Like Us

Cypress, Texas

Label: Unsigned

Current Sound: Post-Hardcore

By: Ava-Mimose

It's obvious that the band Those Like Us have an amazing potential to blow us away with their music. I was a bit surprised myself when I heard their first song on Facebook called "Never So Clear".

Collin Marshall- Drums, Ryan Peterson- Bass,  Kyle Tomchesson- Vocals/Guitar, Tyler Williams- Screams,  Ryan Peterson- Bass, Chris Burgess- Lead Guitar
Surprised, you say! Well, yeah. I don't really listen to this style of music. And if you followed me on Twitter and Facebook you all would know that. I'm more of a Heavy Metal/Goth/Thrash/Industrial listener. This band clearly has none of these sounds! And I can't even compare them to other Post-Hardcore or Screamo bands because I don't listen to it. But I still listened to their next track featuring Brandon Sundbeck entitled "Friends with Damages". I liked the song but still it’s not my kind of music. So I listened to the next track "We'll Sleep On It". Before that track ever came up, I was really to throw in the towel and call it a day and not bother with this band. But when the last track (We'll Sleep on It) came on, I was hooked.

I know, shocked, right??? Well they totally hooked me in with that last song. There was a sense of familiarity with that song. I've heard this before from other bands but Those Like Us took a different approach to it. Instead of them following other bands and try to sound like them, they instead made the sound and the lyrics theirs. So what if it’s only three songs on their Facebook page. That's usually all I need to make the decision if I'm going to listen to any band again.

So my verdict on Those Like Us and their music. I LIKE IT!!!!

And if you really like their music as well please support them in accomplishing their first Full-Length album "Broken Stories"
Those Like Us's Campaign to finish their upcoming album "Broken Stories

I personally can't wait for new music from them. They seem to be very prepared and are hard at work creating awesome music and lyrical content for a possible full-length album. That would be awesome!

Give them a shout on Twitter:

Those Like Is - Twitter

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