Friday, June 22, 2012

Countess By My Side - We Need Full-Length Album, NOW!

Countess By My Side

Perth, Western Australia

Label: Unsigned

Current Sound: Melodic Progressive Death Metal

By Ava-Mimose

If you like Children Of Bodom, Between The Buried And Me & Cannibal Corpse . . . then you’ll love Countess By My Side.

Countess By My Side was made official in 2011 by five high school students that all shared an interest in music. Working hard to showcase and perfect their song writing skills as well as trying out new playing techniques in order to sound as original as they possibly can, earlier this year, CBMS recorded their debut EP "Esoteric" which was released in March 2012. This 4 track EP does not disappoint! And it only leaves you wondering what they’re going to have in store for us with a possible upcoming full-length album.

George Hadnett - Vocals/(Rhythm guitar live)
Stephen Barrett - Guitar
Matt Unkovich - Drums
Michael Fitzpatrick - Keys
Joshua Cusack - Bass

I must say I am amazed by the sound of this band. When you check them out on their Facebook page you would not think it would be them delivering such a powerful sound and the thundering vocals from George Hadnett. It would be absolutely amazing to see Countes By My Side share the bill with the like of Born Of Osiris, Children Of Bodom, Between The Buried And Me, Oceano & Cannibal Corpse. And with the awesome response and attention they’ve been getting from their fans current and new since the release of "Esoteric”, I can say that they will soon have their chance to tour the entire globe for the following months and years to come and bring to us, the best death metal they have to offer.

Countess By My Side - 'Esoteric' Studio Footage 2012
Highlights of their 3 days spent in studio recording their debut E.P entitled
Released March 2012
Eng/Mix/Mst by Aidan Barton at Sovereign Studios

You can also follow them on Twitter!

CBMS - Twitter

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