Sunday, June 10, 2012

Review: A Drowning Angel's Debut EP Fake And Plastic'

A Drowning Angel

Guaynabo, Puerto Rico

Label: Unsigned

Current: Post Industrial, Experimental, Electronica

By: Ava-Mimose

Fake And Plastic – Album Review

On June 10th, the underground Industrial - Dark Wave band A Drowning Angel released their first EP Fake And Plastic.

Its starts off with the very first track being appropriately titled "Fake And Plastic" basically setting the tone for the 5-track EP. It gives you an idea of what your about to encounter with ADA (A Drowning Angel).

Track 2 Vampire - (in my opinion) sets its self up in an underground rave. Which I think is awesome. Its perfect! And you automatically feel like your either just entering or have been inside this dark, hot and loud space where everyone is just so cramped up close and not giving a fuck because all you wanna do is just dance to the hypnotizing sound coming from ADA.

Track 3 Undead Raver - Is like the ultimate brake down. Like this is when your really feeling yourself. Just feeling the environment your in, everything and everyone around you. Its like there isn't a care in the world.


Track 4 Alice in Oblivion - The tile alone will have you think what your already thinking. And that's if you and I are thinking alike. I so feel like Alice in Wonderland with this but on . . . yeah I think you know what I mean. And this track is by far one of my favorites on this EP.

Track 5 Lost In Silent Hill - The last track. The most amazing I think. The beginning of the song does have elements from the very popular video game Silent Hill. But what i really like about this song its a total "Energy Come Down" it is kinda what you want went at any underground rave. You need that ONE song to bring that high intense partying that's been going on through out the night to finally come to an end. And if not an end you want it to slow the fuck down so you rest - than lets start the party ONE. MORE. TIME.


Before the release of Fake And Plastic a single from the highly anticipated EP "Undead Raver" was released on February 19th of this year. The single features Undead Raver along with a B side from Undead Raver and a raw demo for the track Alice in Oblivion.

You can listen to them on these site:
ADA - Bandcamp
ADA - YouTube
ADA - Soundcloud

They are also on Facebook
ADA - Facebook

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