Sunday, May 13, 2012

Review: Anathema "Weather Systems"

Liverpool, England
Label: Kscope (UK), The End Records (USA)
Current: Alternative Metal, Progressive Rock,
Alternative Rock, New Prog Rock.
Earlier: Death/Doom Metal, Gothic Metal
By: Ava-Mimose

Weather Systems – Album Review

It was in May of 2010 after a seven year gap that Anathema released “We’re Here Because We’re Here”. That album received much praised and was well received by their fans old and new. So it is with no surprise with theApril 16th (Europe) & April 24th 2012 (US) release of “Weather Systems” that this amazing album has received that same attention as the one before it.

Weather Systems is a very – emotional album and not in that term you would connect it as “Emo”. No, this album is way above and far beyond that. This album feels more like a sense of life being lived or having lived your life and now preparing for the next chapter in one’s life. It’s basically the soundtrack to life. Anathema’s ability to dig deep into their creative & artistic soul is just so amazing, overwhelming and unbelievable. This album will guarantee to leave you speechless from the first track Untouchable pt1 to the last Internal landscapes.

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  Right now Anathema is on a promotional tour for “Weather Systems” but will start there full fall European Tour in September. No word yet as to when they will include a North American tour. Keep checking back with us on Twitter and on Facebook as well as out Website  for any breaking tour news on Anathema. 

There album is available on  Anathema's Website  and on these following links: Amazon & Burningshed

                          Last track on "Weather Systems" Internal Landscapes -

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