Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Review: Anathema "We're here because we're here" North American Debut

Liverpool, England
Label: The End Records (USA)
Current: Alternative Metal, Progressive Rock,
Alternative Rock, New Prog Rock.
Earlier: Death/Doom Metal, Gothic Metal
By: Ava-Mimorose

Anathema Anathema Anathema....... where shall I began?

This band was brought to my attention by an interview I watched on YouTube of HIM frontman Ville Valo. It was an interview for HIM's February 2010 release of Screamworks: Love in theory and practice, Chapters 1-13. Valo mention bands that loved listening to like My Dying Bride, Cathedral, Paradise Lost and Anathema. So of course, if you know me well then you'd probably figured out that I was already googling and Youtubing these bands.

Note: love My Dying Bride, Cathedral and Paradise Lost......

But It was Anathema that won my heart and a place in my Top Favorite Bands of all time (for me of course).

It was last year in May around the same time they released their latest album "We're here because we're here" that I heard a song called "Lost Control" from their 1998 album Alternative 4. Thanks the gods for YouTube!
                                       "Lost Control" (Alternative 4) - Anathema

That's when I decided to see if they had any social networking site such as a Facebook, Myspace or Reverbnation. I found them on Facebook and "Liked" the page. First song of the rotation for me was "Thin Air" off the May 2010 "We're here because we're here" album. This song blew me away the vocals the lyrics the musical arrangements was like, YES!!!! This is the sound I've been waiting for from a band!
                                 "Thin Air" (We're here because we're here) - Anathema

Next was "Dreaming Light" Its the third track off the album. I didn't know there was a video till I checked out there website After hearing this I immediately tried to purchase it but soon found out that it was not yet available here in the US. They then later signed with The End Records for North American distribution and soon the US/Canada release was set for June 6 2011.
                          "Dreaming Light" (We're here because we're here) - Anathema
                     which can also be viewed on the bands website

Sometimes I find it hard to explain and to compare what a certain band sound like and in this case (for me) its not easy. Anathema is a unique band in my book. They are not like other bands. If you've listened to their past heavier albums/EP's i.e. the crestfallen ep, serenades, pentacost iii,  the silent enigma and eternity  you'll notice the gradual change from Doom metal to a more Progressive rock style with a bit of an ambient feel. But as (I) listen to this present album along with the past releases I notice that they have only gotten better with time. Anathema has truly evolved into something magnificent.

For the latest news, tour info and album releases from Anathema please checkout their website:

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