Monday, December 14, 2009

Web Update


Yeah, I know I didn't write for Friday, Dec 11, 2009. Sorry about that, but the rain has really come down on this southern Cali area hard.

New info on this blog and the website. The update is that I hope to put some videos on this site as well as the Invaders Asylum website. The videos I really have to upload are the videos and clips from the Tampere show in Finland of 2008. I also have to put up some of the photos from that trip on my myspace page.

Speaking of Myspace, the Invaders Asylum Myspace page is under construction. The Helldone 08 photos will also be on this site as well. Plans are underway for band, model and web personality interviews. Hopefully you guys get to see these things come to light of these following sites:

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