Friday, December 18, 2009

More coming to Invaders Asylum Website


New things will be taking place @ We will start a couple of new pages on the Invaders Asylum Home site with news on movies as well and euro-rock music. This is very exciting for all of us here at Invaders Asylum.

The new Movies page will totally be dedicated to the Horror/ thriller genre. Also we will be
taking a look at selected movie production companies that release these type of film such as: Lionsgate, After Dark Film, Twisted Pictures, (NFTS) Not For The Squeamish and Dark Castle Pictures etc. . .

This will be an awesome time for us here at Invaders Asylum and for you all to check out. This is also an invitation for anyone else in the entertainment biz to give us a holla if you feel you/your company deserves to be found out about. If so email us @ Attn: Entertainment Dept.

This invitation includes anyone from modeling, acting and Artists of any kind. Just give us a shout and will answer. Plans are also underway for the future for other facets of this industry and its information. Just be sure to check out for regularly updated entertainment new and info.


Invaders Asylum

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