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Diminished 7 - Hollow Haven - Album Review

Diminished 7       

Hollywood, CA

Label: --

Current Sound: Gothic Rock, Rock

By Ava Mimose    

On October 30th Los Angeles based Gothic rock band Diminished 7 released their second album Hollow Haven. The 10 track album encompasses everything that is ‘Ethereal’. Starting with the albums opener Absorbing Darkness. It sounds like you are being led to unchartered territory of emotions where there are not only shades of black and white but where there are areas that clearly have a spectrum of grays as well. The piano solo is the only instrument that can either lead you to happiness or forever be your tormentor.

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Two new songs on this album Hours Freeze and The Room are just breathtakingly beautiful in sound and atmosphere. The piano seems to be a constant on Hollow Haven and if not that then it’s the Acoustic guitar. Especially on a cover song from A Perfect Circles ‘Orestes’


You'll also be in for a treat to find that earlier this year they released the single ‘Queen in Nuclear Rain’. It is now on this album.


And if you’ve followed the band from the very beginning then you’ll have notice familiars on this album. Tracks like Taste a Vampire, Her Bloodlust at Sunset, She Lost Her Heart in Hollywood and Midnight Divine are all performed acoustically. It’s more of a stripped down version of these song from their 2009 release Dim World and they are done beautifully. Its clear that there was no rush to do this album and for that I am glad.

The album over all is wonderfully produced. Time, love and passion was infused into Hollow Haven. All I can say right now is - Can not wait for album #3 to be mention on the bands Website and Facebook page!!!

Diminished 7

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