Saturday, August 25, 2012

Via Official HIM Street Teams

Official HIM Street Teams: New HIM update Via Kelly Crawford (Euro-Rock Radio)

Ok clarification on a few things from Seppo:

1) Release date for XX is Oct 26 in Finland. Distribution of a physical CD worldwide is still being worked on. At this time there's not a US release date. Though iTunes will of course have it, we'll have to wait and see on physical CDs in other countries, though you can always buy it online from Finnish stores I'm sure. I'll keep you posted on US release dates, etc.

2) Sony is only releasing the XX compilation. Forthcoming new album distribution/label is still open and they are looking forward to a simultaneous release worldwide. Right now the release is tentatively scheduled for March 2013.

As I get more info from Seppo as things progress I'll let everyone know!


  1. This is really informative and Street teams I will for sure refer to my friends the same.

  2. No, thank you for taking the time to read and comment on this. I will continute to try and post up to date info about this band and many others in the following months to come.