Sunday, July 1, 2012

Hannu Lepisto: Great Artist To Look Out For!

Hannu Lepisto

Helsinki, Finland

Label: Homeward Records Oy

Current Sound: Rock / Alternative / Folk

By: Ava-Mimose

In March of 2011 Hannu Lepisto released “Run Away With Me” -EP. The 5 track EP is by far an amazing album. Lepisto really showcased what it means to really come undone with this album. Having gone through a painful divorce, battling a heavy addiction and then almost succumbing to the almighty himself but before it could get any worst he was quickly surround and rescued by close friends and family from a further downward spiral. As soon as he could, Hannu went back into the studio this time trying his hand as solo artist. From those studio sessions Hannu and his awesome team of Petteri Mård,   Michael Blair, Ulf Rockis Ivarsson and Markku Lepisto finished and released “Run Away With Me”.
Hannu Lepisto
Singer / Songwriter / Composer
The EP has been well received and has garnered many awards and recognitions. Hannu Lepisto is now currently ranked #1 for Helsinki, Finland Reverbnation music page. Hannu has a voice that commands with the likes of Lou Reed, Tom Waits, Elvis Costello, Leonard Cohen, Nick Cave and Jyrki Linnenkivi (The 69 Eyes). You might also notice from the title track “Run Away With Me” there is also some Hip-Hop influences as well. Over all this EP is a success.

Run Away With Me

Track List
1. Run Away With Me
2. Wild Girl
3. Little By Little We Drift Apart
4. 99
5. There Is An Angel For Everyone

Later in 2011 Hannu was commissioned to do a soundtrack for a DVD that is to accompany a book called "Maailman Valloittajat"(Veikka Gustafsson, Thomas Johanson and Timothy Kopra) "Conquers of the World" in english by Olli Pirhonen. The song is of the same name "Conquers of the World". The book is about three men who all are or come from a Finnish background and have three different chosen fields. Mountaineer Veikka Gustafsson, Olympic champion Thomas Johansson is an all-time most successful Finnish sailor and Astronaut Timothy Kopralla have Finnish ancestry (On land, at sea and in space). The links for this will be provided down below as well as a trailer for the DVD but note that the website to purchase this book with DVD is in the Finnish language.


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Maailman Valloittajat -

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  1. I liked this post best, because you brought out your own voice to talk about Hannu. I'd love to see more review and bio work like this.

    1. Thank you Dan. I'll try and see if I can do an interview with Hannu Lepisto. He is an amazing artist and I would love to know as well as his fans bout his music writing process and his life experiences that led to the wonderful music that we all like to listen to.

    2. Well we've interviewed Hannu Lepisto - Check it out....

  2. Having recently discovered Hannu and his work through Twitter I would love to read an interview with him! Thank you for the work you put into this review; being a new fan of Hannu I feel I have much to catch up on :o)

    With all best wishes,

    1. Well we've interviewed Hannu Lepisto - Check it out....